June 2019

personal finance lessons at early age - teach kids about money


  We are all aware that money does not grow on trees. Hence, personal finance should be explained to kids from a very young age. Most teenagers have no clue where money comes from and where it goes. Various aspects of personal finance such as income, expenses, mortgage, investments and retirement accounts are never discussed with teens. Many financial problems faced later in life can be avoided if they are provided with proper personal finance solutions from their early years. Remember, for children literacy begins at home. Here are a few key aspects that you as a parent should bear in mind. Start saving early: While it is crucial to start earning early in order to be financially independent, it is equally important to start saving or investing early. The golden rule of any investing plan is to start early, simply because time is on your side. Teens must also ... Read More
portfolio health check-up, how healthy is your portfolio


A COMBINATION OF EQUITY, DEBT AND INSURANCE MAKES FOR A GOOD PORTFOLIO FOR FIRST- TIME INVESTORS ‘In mutual fund investments, the most important thing is to choose the right portfolio at the right time’ Which all assets should a first-time investor have in his portfolio? This is one of the most asked questions for best financial planners and advisors in India. According to them, for a basic plan for a first-time investor, exposure to equity and debt products and also insurance plans are the must-haves, provided these assets match with the person’s risk profile. For starters, gold may also be included. DEBT   Usually fixed income assets like debt mutual funds, bonds and fixed deposits carry relatively lower risks than equities. So an investor should invest some amount of his total corpus into debt assets. EQUITY Equities create wealth in the long term, and they are strictly not for meeting ... Read More